IMPRS PhD Students

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Alhammoud, Nour Germany
Thesis title: Are JA-mutants maintained in native populations based on a frequency-depandent selection on a growth-defense tradeoff?

Asbach, Julia Germany
Thesis title: The molecular regulation of terpene polymorphism in Thymus vulgaris

Badeke, Elisa Germany
Thesis title: Reception and coding of pheromone signals in insects

Badgaa, Amarsanaa Mongolia
Thesis title: Chlorophyll degradation in the insect gut

Barthel, Andrea Germany
Thesis title: Innate Immunity in generalist and specialist Lepidoptera

Baschwitz, Amelie Germany
Thesis title: The neural representation of attractive odor blends in Drosophila

Berasategui, Aileen Spain
Thesis title: Role of endosymbiotic gut bacteria of Hylobius abietis in detoxification of terpenes

Boeckler, Andreas Germany
Thesis title: Induction of anti-herbivore defenses in wild Populus nigra and metabolic consequences for herbivores

Bondoc, Karen Grace Philippines
Thesis title: Complex interactions during biofilm formation by benthic diatoms

Brockmöller, Thomas Germany
Thesis title:

Brütting, Christoph Germany
Thesis title: Using Tupiocoris notatus to understand rhythmic behaviors of Nicotiana attenuata plants

Busch, Andre Germany
Thesis title: Endogene Zellulasen in Blattkäfern

Christoff Wouters, Felipe Brazil
Thesis title: Detoxification of benzoxazinoids in a plant-insect system

D'Souza, Glen India
Thesis title: The effect of genetic diversity on the evolution and maintenance of mutualistic interactions

Dietel, Anne-Kathrin Germany
Thesis title: Coevolution in bacteria

Dolke, Franziska Germany
Thesis title: Chemical communication in plant-parasitic nematodes

Dweck, Hany Egypt
Thesis title: Drosophila Olfactory Neuroecology - Function and Evolution

Ebrahim, Shimaa Egypt
Thesis title: Olfactory-directed behavior in Drosophila

Fatangare, Amol India
Thesis title: Development of methods for visualization of metabolomic maps and fluxes in plants challenged by insect and bacteria

Flórez Patino, Laura Victoria Colombia
Thesis title: Evolution, genomics and chemical ecology of bacteriome-associated symbionts in darkling beetles

Fragoso, Variluska Brazil
Thesis title: Integrating below- and above-ground signaling in Nicotiana attenuata: root oxilipins systemically regulate leaf responses to attack and increase plant resistance

Frenkel, Johannes Germany
Thesis title: The first diatom pheromone

Friedemann, Katrin Germany
Thesis title: Attachment structures and plant surfaces - an evolutionary arms race

Gretscher, René Germany
Thesis title: Molecular biological analysis of the defense system in leaf beetles

Groh-Lunow, Katrin Germany
Thesis title: Vergleichende Analyse antennaler Transkriptome von Crustaceen

Großmann, Peter Germany
Thesis title: Identification of cellular cost-benefit trade-offs in biofilm formation on various surfaces

Handrick, Vinzenz Germany
Thesis title: Biosynthesis of benzoxacinoids in corn

Hänniger, Sabine Germany
Thesis title: Host plant differentiation in Spodoptera frugiperda

Haverkamp, Alexander Germany
Thesis title: A bouquet for a hawkmoth: Tracing the behavioural and neuronal correlates of flower perception in Manduca sexta

Heiling, Sven Germany
Thesis title: Molecular and genetic characterization of diterpene glycosides in Nicotiana attenuata

Henke, Catarina Germany
Thesis title: Ectomycorrhizal signaling

Hidalgo, William Colombia
Thesis title: Metabolomic and fluxomic studies of resistant and susceptible Musa varieties in response to Mycosphaerella fijiensis

Hilpert, Stephanie Germany
Thesis title: Apomixis in Poa pratensis - analysis of apomixis candidate genes for heterosis fixation

Huber, Meret Switzerland
Thesis title: Evolution of defensive latex metabolites in Taraxacum officinale

Irmisch, Sandra Germany
Thesis title: Identification and characterization of enzymes which are involved in herbivore-induced biosynthesis of volatiles in poplar

Jacquemoud, Dominique France
Thesis title: Chemical defences in the red alga Gracilaria vermiculophylla

Jeschke, Verena Germany
Thesis title: Closing the door on trouble: The role of insect gut membranes in avoiding the toxicity of plant defenses

Jiménez-Alemán, Guillermo Hugo Cuba
Thesis title: Jasmonate derivatives to study plant signaling: Activation and shutdown mechanisms

Jirschitzka, Jan Germany
Thesis title: The final steps of cocaine biosynthesis in the Erythroxylaceae provide insight into the biochemistry, physiology and evolution of tropane alkaloid biosynthesis

Joo, Youngsung Korea
Thesis title: Understanding the ecological consequences of circadian rhythms in Nicotiana attenuata

Kandasamy, Dineshkumar India
Thesis title: Enzymatic reactions in Ceratocystis polonica to increase virulence

Karpinski, Anne Germany
Thesis title: ABC transporters in insect detoxification pathways

Khan, Sher Afzal Pakistan
Thesis title: Gene(s) functional analyses in Lepidoptera insect

Köhler, Sabrina Germany
Thesis title: Protective Streptomyces in beewolves - Ecology, evolutionary history and specificity of symbiont-mediated defense in Philanthini wasps (Hymenoptera, Crabronidae)

König, Christopher Germany
Thesis title: Unknown pathways: Olfactory signaling in arthropods

Krempl, Corinna Germany
Thesis title: Molecular evolution and ecology of plant secondary metabolite detoxification in Heliothine moths

Kuhlisch, Cornelius Germany
Thesis title: Small molecule signals in entomopathogenic nematode-bacteria interactions

Kulkarni, Purva India
Thesis title: Computational imaging mass spectrometry

Kuwar, Suyog India
Thesis title: Transcriptional and translational responses to dietary protease inhibitors of the cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera

Li, Dapeng China
Thesis title: Comparative metabolomics of Nicotiana attenuata responses to insect herbivores: Mass spectral database construction for metabolite identification and bioinformatics of data integration with post-genomic resources

Li, Guanjun China
Thesis title: Differential Gene Expression in A. thaliana using MecWorm and Herbivores

Li, Xiang China
Thesis title: Selections mechanisms of sporophytes to find the best male gametophytes during pollen tube (PT) growth in Nicotiana attenuata

Ling, Zhihao China
Thesis title: Analyzing the genome of Nicotiana attenuata

Luu, Van Thi Viet Nam
Thesis title: The influence of circadian clock-related genes on N. attenuata´s microbial community structure

Machado, Ricardo A. R. Colombia
Thesis title: The role of roots in Nicotiana attenuata plant-environment interactions

Meza Canales, Ivan David Mexico
Thesis title: Role of cytokinin metabolism in Nicotiana attenuata's defense response against herbivores

Miazzi, Fabio Italy
Thesis title: Interaction of behaviorally active odor molecules with the surface of the insect antenna

Mißbach, Christine Germany
Thesis title: Evolution of coreceptors in insect olfaction

Mohamed, Ahmed Egypt
Thesis title: Information processing by local interneurons in the olfactory system of Drosophila

Mrozinska, Anna Poland
Thesis title: Molecular analysis of the interaction between Arabidopsis thaliana and Piriformospora indica

Mukunda, Latha India
Thesis title: Deciphering olfactory signal transduction cascade in Drosophila melanogaster

Nagel, Nadja Germany
Thesis title: Target identification of bioactive signaling molecules by click chemistry

Nagel, Raimund Germany
Thesis title: The regulatory function of isoprenyl diphosphate synthases in terpene biosynthesis

Napagoda, Mayuri Sri Lanka
Thesis title: Metabolomics for natural products:fast screening and discovery

Neunemann, David Germany
Thesis title: RNA interference and insect-virus interactions

Novoselov, Alexey Russian Federation
Thesis title: Impact of plant toxins on the gut microbiota community of Lepidoptera

Pauls, Gerhard Germany
Thesis title: Sequestration by leaf beetles: identification and characterization of transport proteins

Poreddy, Spoorthi India
Thesis title: Probing the herbivore’s responses to plant defenses using plant mediated RNAi

Rahfeld, Peter Germany
Thesis title: Characterization of enzymes of the defense system of leaf beetles

Salem, Hassan Egypt
Thesis title: Specificity and dynamics of the firebug-Coriobacterium symbiosis

Sanchez Arcos, Carlos Colombia
Thesis title: Legume chemistry and the specificity of pea aphid host races

Santhanam, Rakesh India
Thesis title: Plant bacterial community interactions in Nicotiana attenuata

Schäfer, Martin Germany
Thesis title: The role of cytokinins in priming plant defense responses to herbivores

Scholz, Sandra Germany
Thesis title: Analysis of CML calcium sensor proteins in interactions of plants and herbivores

Shitut, Shraddha India
Thesis title: The evolution of cooperative networks within microbial communities

Stanton, Mariana Brazil
Thesis title: Coping with ephemeral resources and unpredictable hosts: nitrogen allocation in the post-fire annual Nicotiana attenuata, and a plant-specific pheromone used by ist seed predator Corimelaena extensa

Strauß, Anja Germany
Thesis title: Sequestration of plant glucosides within leaf beetles: Elucidation of a probable entire network of transport proteins

Sudakaran, Sailendharan India
Thesis title: Functional analysis of the bacterial community in the mid-gut of firebugs

Sun, Chao China
Thesis title: Role of cytoplasmic calcium elevation in plant/microbe interactions

Tan, Wenhua China
Thesis title: IRMS analysis of terpenes

Thoma, Michael Germany
Thesis title: The role of adaptation in Drosophila olfaction

Vattekkatte, Abith India
Thesis title: Mechanisms of terpene biosynthesis in plants

Vosteen, Ilka Germany
Thesis title: The role of enemy free space for the maintenance of pea aphid races

Wagner, Katharina Germany
Thesis title: Chemical communication between soil fungi, ectomycorrhizal basidiomycetes and their tree hosts

Wang, Ding Germany
Thesis title: Data processing of transcriptome sequences from leaf beetles

Wang, Ming China
Thesis title: Exploring of the interaction between Nicotiana attenuata and arbuscular mycorrhiza

Warskulat, Anne-Christin Germany
Thesis title: Analytical characterization of the biosynthesis of nudicaulins in Papaver nudicaule

Yilamujiang, Ayufu China
Thesis title: Analysis of protein secretion in carnivorous plants

Yon, Felipe Peru
Thesis title: Timing for outcrossing: Circadian clock regulates floral rhythms with large fitness consequences