IMPRS PhD Students

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Abdelsalam, Ghada Mohamed Yousif Egypt
Thesis title: Testing the black-queen hypothesis in communities of soil-dwelling bacteria

Adam, Elisabeth Austria
Thesis title: Desert ant navigation based on olfactory cues

Bartels, Benjamin Germany
Thesis title: Laser-assisted methods for spatially-resolved metabolomics

Bing, Julia Germany
Thesis title: The real pollination ecology of Nicotiana attenuata

Busch, Andre Germany
Thesis title: Endogene Zellulasen in Blattkäfern

Campetella, Florencia Argentina
Thesis title: Olfactory coding in Triatomines

Chen, Jingyuan China
Thesis title: The role of polyphenols in the metabolic arms-race between Arabidopsis and various plant pathogens

Davila-Lara, Alberto Nicaragua
Thesis title: Molecular regulation of carnivory in pitcher plants of the genus Nepenthes

Dietel, Anne-Kathrin Germany
Thesis title: Identifying the molecular causes for the commonly observed AT-bias in plasmid genomes

Dudek, Bettina Germany
Thesis title: Characterisation of colour occurrence and ecological meaning in Papaver petals

Easson, Michael Canada
Thesis title: Detoxification of plant defenses by white flies

Eberl, Franziska Germany
Thesis title: Pathogen-mediated changes in black poplar defense against insect herbivores

Fabian, Benjamin Germany
Thesis title: Experience-dependent plasticity of olfactory circuits

Fabisch, Thomas Germany
Thesis title: Black poplar defense responses to biotic stress

Feistel, Felix Germany
Thesis title: Biosynthesis of salicinoids and identification of their precursors

Fenizia, Simona Italy
Thesis title: Zwitterionic metabolites -signals and resources

Förster, Christiane Germany
Thesis title: Role of glucosidase and aggregating factors in DIMBOA toxicity to insect herbivores

Fruitet, Elise France
Thesis title: Evolution in an invasive species: How does sexual communication evolve in a recently invaded moth species?

Fu, Nanxia China
Thesis title: Functional analysis of terpenoid synthases and cyclases in Chrysomelids and Oedemerids

Garde, Ravindra India
Thesis title: Modelling and computer simulations of Bacillus subtilis biofilms

Gikonyo, Matilda Kenya
Thesis title: The evolutionary arms race between Psylliodes leaf beetles and their host plants

Giri, Samir India
Thesis title: Phenotypic heterogeneity and the evolution of metabolic cross-feeding interactions

Grossmann, Peter Germany
Thesis title: Identification of cellular cost-benefit trade-offs in biofilm formation on various surfaces

Günther, Jan Germany
Thesis title: Die Biosynthese von flüchtigen Alkoholen in der Pappel

Häger, Wiebke Germany
Thesis title: Adaptation of the Phaedon cochleariae pectolytic system to plant-derived inhibitors

Halty, Lorena Spain
Thesis title: Interaction of insect odorant receptors with intracellular signaling systems

Heiling, Sven Germany
Thesis title: Molecular and genetic characterization of 17-hydroxygeranyllinalool diterpene glycosides in Nicotiana attenuata using metabolomics

Heyer, Monika Germany
Thesis title: Role of CML calcium sensor proteins in the interactions between Arabidopsis thaliana and insect herbivores

Hoffmann, Martin Germany
Thesis title: Computational metabolomics

Hölscher, Theresa Germany
Thesis title: Effect of spatial constrains of public good production on microbial community assortment

Huber, Roman Germany
Thesis title: Ant navigation within an olfactory landscape

Jeschke, Verena Germany
Thesis title: Dissecting glucosinolate-insect interactions: Modes of action, detoxification and effects on insect development

Kandasamy, Dineshkumar India
Thesis title: Enzymatic reactions in Ceratocystis polonica to increase virulence

Khallaf, Mohammed A. Egypt
Thesis title: Neuroecology of courtship behavior in Drosophila

Körte, Sarah Germany
Thesis title: Partners in Olfaction: the influence of SNMPs and OBPs on olfactory signaling in Drosophila

Krempl, Corinna Germany
Thesis title: Molecular evolution and ecology of cotton plant secondary metabolite detoxification in Heliothine moths

Kulkarni, Purva India
Thesis title: Computational methods for the analysis of Mass Spectrometry Imaging data

Lackner, Sandra Germany
Thesis title: Volatile-mediated signaling in black poplar

Lackus, Nathalie Germany
Thesis title: Untersuchung zur Pflanzenabwehr in Pappelwurzeln

Li, Xiang China
Thesis title: Nonrandom mating in Nicotiana attenuata and the paternal influence on seed metabolomes and pathogen resistance

Manivannan, Abinaya India
Thesis title: Mustard oils and fruit flies: Explaining the toxic effects of isothiocyanates on a model insect

Mazumdar, Tilottama India
Thesis title: Using fluorescent Enterococcus mundtii to study the variation in gene expression, spatially and temporally, in the gut of Spodoptera littoralis larva

McGale, Erica Canada
Thesis title: How does the productivity of plant populations vary with the frequency of water-hogging, highly productiver plants, and association with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF)?

Meents, Anja Germany
Thesis title: Isolation and characterization of Arabidopsis mutants impaired in systemic wound signaling

Mohamed, Ahmed Egypt
Thesis title: Information processing by local interneurons in the olfactory system of Drosophila

Mrozinska, Anna Poland
Thesis title: Molecular analysis of the interaction between Arabidopsis thaliana and Piriformospora indica

Müller, Andrea Germany
Thesis title: Investigation of inducible defence against herbivores in the myrmecophytic plant Tococa

Neunemann, David Germany
Thesis title: RNA interference and insect-virus interactions

ODonnell, Andrew United States
Thesis title: Regulation and evolution of terpene resin formation in transgenic spruce

Oetama, Vincensius Surya Indonesia
Thesis title: Chlorophyll degradation in Spodoptera littoralis

Paulmann, Maria Germany
Thesis title: What are the mechanisms for maintaining the diversity of host races in the pea aphid?

Perreca, Erica Italy
Thesis title: Effect of drought on the MEP pathway in Picea glauca

Pradhan, Maitree India
Thesis title: Understanding the regulatory basis of defence signaling in plants - The role of Argonautes in modulating defense responses in Nicotiana attenuata

Prelic, Sinisa Poland
Thesis title: Molecular profiling Drosophila olfactory sensory neurons

Radisch, Diana Germany
Thesis title: The role of plant beta-glucosidases and beta-glucosidase-aggregating factors in BXD activation in WCR-damaged maize roots

Rahman, Muhammad Atiqur Bangladesh
Thesis title: Identifying the molecular causes and ecological consequences of nanotube formation in bacteria

Schuh, Elisa Germany
Thesis title: Reception and coding of pheromone signals in insects

Sell, Marie Pauline Germany
Thesis title: Effects of the main secondary metabolites of Physalis plants on a specialist and a generalist species of Lepidoptera

Shekhov, Anton Russian Federation
Thesis title: Elucidating and quantifying the detoxification of plant defensive compounds in insects

Shin, Na Ra Korea
Thesis title: Diversity, evolutionary history and functional characterization of plant cell wall degrading enzymes in beetles of the family Cerambycidae

Sporer, Theresa Germany
Thesis title: How do flea beetles overcome the 'mustard oil bomb'?

Sun, Ruo China
Thesis title: Revealing the role of host plant's glucosinolates in the interactions of Plutella xylostella (Lepidoptera) with its specialist parasitoid Diadegma semiclausum

Tom, Megha Treesa India
Thesis title: The impact of single olfactory receptors on the behaviour of the hawkmoth Manduca sexta

Uhe, Christin Germany
Thesis title: Behavioral and nutritional ecology of insects on poplar

Ullah, Chhana Bangladesh
Thesis title: Chemical communication between biotrophic and necrotrophic pathogens and a woody host: Signaling, defense reactions, and the cost of defense

Valim, Henrique United States
Thesis title: How does the core circadian clock component TOC1 mediate responses to stress in plant roots and shoots?

Wang, Ming China
Thesis title: A hidden mystery: root adaptive responses to environmental factors in Nicotiana attenuata