Additional Skill Training Program

An important goal of the IMPRS is to also train students in soft skills, communicating their research to a lay audience and help them with their scientific careers.

Soft skill workshops/Professional excursions

The aim is for students to enhance their skills in scientific writing, data visualization and presentation, grant proposal writing, communication, time and self-management, and career planning. Workshops are offered through the IMRPS as well as the Jena Graduate Academy. On request, we organize excursions to research-based companies or related IMPRS. We recommend that IMPRS students participate in three soft skill courses on topics of their choice during the course of their PhD.

Outreach activities

Communicating research to the public is as important as communicating research to peers. Numerous opportunities for outreach exist within the IMPRS framework (read more here). We encourage IMPRS students to engage in three outreach activities of their choice for the duration of their PhDs.

Language classes

German classes for beginners and advanced speakers are offered for international students that join the IMRPS. Read more here.