Scientific Training Program

Core elements of the scientific program consist of the ‘Basic Lecture Course’, the ‘IMPRS Symposium’ and the ‘Science Skill Courses’.

Annual IMPRS Symposium

Once a year, all IMPRS students come together to present their research projects in front of their peers and IMPRS faculty members. Two external speakers suggested by the doctoral students are invited. All IMPRS students are expected to attend the annual symposium and to present at least one poster and one talk during the duration of their PhDs.

Basic Lecture Course

Once a month, IMPRS faculty members lecture on topics related to IMPRS research themes and/or recent advances in their field. All IMPRS students are expected to attend. For upcoming lectures see here.

Science Skill Courses

During a science skill course, students become familiar with scientific methods. Depending on the topic, courses last for 2-5 days and are predominantly taught by IMPRS faculty members. Students are welcome to request topics and outside experts may be invited. Some courses such as the MS, NMR, statistics and bioinformatics courses, are offered in regular intervals. Students may also attend external workshops at other universities or summer institutes.

We recommend that IMPRS students participate in three scientific or method courses on topics of their choice during the course of their PhD.