Annual IMPRS Symposium

Dornburg Castles
Winners of the 16th IMPRS symposium: Roman Huber, Anja Meents, Wiebke Häger and Bettina Dudek

The IMPRS organizes a symposium every year, which usually takes place at the Dornburg Castles. At this two-day event, the PhD students present posters or do presentations on their current projects. This way, the symposium is meant to help students improve their presentation and communication skills. Moreover, two external speakers suggested by the doctoral students are invited.


Symposia in the past:

March 7-8, 2017
16th IMPRS Symposium (abstract book)
Guest speakers:
Prof. Saskia A. Hogenhout, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Prof. Niels Agerbirk, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

February 18-19, 2016
15th IMPRS Symposium
Guest speakers:
Prof. Bernhard Schmid, University of Zurich
Dr. Mattias Larsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Science
Dornburg Castles

February 25-26, 2015
14th IMPRS symposium
Guest speakers:
Prof. Dorothee Staiger, Universität Bielefeld
Prof. Giovanni Galizia, Universität Konstanz

February 27-28, 2014
13th IMPRS Symposium
Guest speakers:
Prof. B. Halkier, Copenhagen University
Prof. A. Vilcinskas, Universität Gießen

April 18-19, 2013
12th Annual IMPRS Symposium
Guest speakers:
Prof. Ute Hentschel Humeida, Würzburg University
Prof. Ruther, Regensburg University

February 20-21, 2012
11th IMPRS Symposium
Guest speakers:
Prof. Dr. N. van Dam, Radbouw University
Dr. Ylva Hillbur, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

February 7-8, 2011
10th IMPRS Symposium
Guest speakers:
Prof. Martin Heil, CINVESTAV
Prof. Corne Pieterse, Utrecht University

February 15-16, 2010
9th IMPRS Symposium
Guest speakers:
Dr. Betram Gerber, Würzburg University
Prof. Uta Paszkowski, Lausanne University

March 2-3, 2009
8th IMPRS Symposium
Guest speakers:
Dr. René Feyereisen, UMR INRA - CNRS
Dr. Michel Haring, Amsterdam University

February 25-26, 2008
7th IMPRS Symposium
Guest speakers:
Dr. Richard Newcomb, HortResearch, Auckland, New Zealand
Dr. Giles Oldroyd, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK