Our Mission

The IMPRS was founded in 2004 in order to improve education and training of junior researchers in the field of chemical ecology. The aim of the Research School has not changed over the years – we want to attract the best gifted and motivated, internationally-educated minds interested in entomology, ecology, bioinformatics, microbiology, plant physiology, neurobiology, ethology, chemistry and biochemistry and:

  • teach them to interact and use the tools of each discipline to conduct rigorous experimental analyses of the complex interactions that occur in nature.
  • show them how to measure the fitness consequences of ecological interactions (competition, predation, mutualism, etc.) by manipulating these interactions with chemical and molecular biological tools.
  • educate a generation of experimental ecologists who are active users of molecular biological and chemical techniques (“genome enabled field biologist”, Baldwin, 2010/2012).
  • catalyze the transfer of the rapid advances in molecular biology and genetics to ecological and environmental research questions
  • enable them to understand odor-directed behavior and its underlying neurobiological substrate in arthropods from a functional and evolutionary perspective.
  • train them how to tackle a research question from different angles, to understand and collaborate with other disciplines to find innovative solutions.
  • generate a new generation of scientists who are interdisciplinary trained and able to compete in the world of science.
  • create an international and interdisciplinary network of experimental ecologists for mutual communication, collaboration and coordination in research and fund raising.