Prof. Rolf Beutel
Institute of Systematic Zoology and Evolutionary Biology with Phyletic Museum , FSU

Research Area:
Optimization of morphological techniques (e.g., µ-computer tomography, 3D reconstruction) and their combined application, high level systematics (mainly interordinal relationships) covering all major lineages of Pterygota (Palaeoptera, Polyneoptera, Acercaria, Holometabola)

Prof. Sebastian Böcker
Bioinformatics, FSU

Research Area:
Bioinformatics, algorithmics, computational mass spectrometry, metabolomics, computational phylogenetics, comparative genomics, computationally hard problems.

Prof. Erika Kothe
Microbiology, FSU

Research Area:
Pheromone response in sexual development of basidiomycete signaling and signal transduction in ecto-mycorrhizal symbiosis, plant pathology, geomicrobiology

Prof. Ralf Oelmüller
Plant Physiology, FSU

Research Area:
Molecular biology of photosynthesis, heavy metal tolerance and plant-pathogen interactions

Prof. Georg Pohnert
Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, FSU

Research Area:
Regulation of the production and transformation of secondary metabolites, wound-activated defense in plankton, wound reaction of Siphonous green macroalgae, induced defense of red algae against pathogens, diatom pheromones und signaling in aquatic biofilms

Prof. Stefan Schuster
Bioinformatics, FSU

Research Area:
Metabolic pathway analysis, computer simulation of calcium oscillations, evolutionary game theory as applied to metabolism, tandem donor and tandem acceptor alternative splicing

Prof. Holger Schielzeth
Department of Population Ecology, FSU

Research Area:
Quantitative genetics and QTL mapping, biostatistics, behavioral and evolutionary ecology, bird migration and applied ecology

Prof. Günter Theißen
Genetics, FSU

Research area:
Evolutionary developmental biology of angiosperm flowers

Prof. Nicole van Dam
Deutsches Zentrum für integrative Biodiversitätsforschung (iDiv)

Research Area:
Chemical ecology, multitrophic interactions, herbivore-induced plant responses, aboveground-belowground interactions, plant metabolomics, optimal defence theory