Students admitted to the IMPRS join one of the research departments participating in the program in which they will carry out the experimental work of their doctoral thesis.

Independent research supervised by a postdoc or senior PhD in the lab and two principal investigators from different departments is complemented by a training programme tailor-made for the needs of the doctoral student.
The training programme is divided into three categories: a scientific training programme, an additional skill training programme and a mentoring programme. Core elements of the scientific programme consist of the Basic Lecture Course and the IMPRS Symposium. These two elements are mandatory, and all students from the various disciplines within the IMPRS come together for these events. In addition, IMPRS students are required to participate in at least three scientific courses on topics of their choice within three years. Students can also improve their German and English skills in language courses on different levels. For further details on the training program, please see here.

At the end of the program a written thesis, and a successful thesis defence qualify for a Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) degree at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. However, IMPRS students have the choice to receive their doctoral degree also from another university.

The guidelines of the IMPRS in Jena can be downloaded here. Each student has also to be familiar with the rules of good scientific practice.

For details on the upcoming events and courses please click here. Further courses in preparation are listed here. Furthermore, courses offered by the JSMC, ILRS and the Jena Graduate Academy are open to all IMPRS students.